Spirit of Hope 2011

Professor Alan M. Dershowitz

Professor Alan M. Dershowitz of Harvard Law School has been called one of the "most distinguished defenders of individual rights," and "America's most public Jewish defender." The author of 27 fiction and non-fiction works, his articles appear regularly in leading newspapers, journals blogs and magazines across the U.S.

David Gergen

David Gergen is a senior political analyst for CNN and has served as an adviser to four U.S. presidents, from Nixon to Clinton. A professor of public service at the Harvard Kennedy School and the director of its Center for Public Leadership, he is also a best-selling author and has been awarded 19 honorary degrees.

Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward is the associate editor of The Washington Post and has won nearly every American journalism award, including the Pulitzer Prize for his work with Carl Bernstein on the Watergate scandal. From Watergate and the Supreme Court to the Pentagon and 9/11, he consistently finds the hidden, inside stories of Washington institutions and the American presidency.

Robert Gibbs

Robert Gibbs, US President Barack Obama's former Press Secretary, was the voice of US administration from 2009-2011. Responsible for all official communications, he was one of Obama's closest advisors, presenting Washington's views to media outlets around the world on topics ranging from the US financial meltdown to the recent revolution in Egypt.

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The 2011 Spirit of Hope Benefit is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet four of the world’s leading voices in broadcast, print and internet journalism. Their insightful analysis of current events cuts to the heart of the complex issues which define modern times and sets the agenda for national and international discussion.

Toronto has rarely seen a panel of speakers of this magnitude in one evening. This event is sure to generate respect and admiration for its bold effort to confront topical and controversial subjects in an open and respectful manner.


Spirit of Hope 2011


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